Introduction and Philosophy

Edge Medical Center is a private, fully equipped, ultra modern 50 bed medical center located in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, providing extensive general and specialist healthcare with diagnostic services.. We offer the most technologically advanced medical facility for inpatients and outpatients, comfortable accommodation as well as highly trained staff who provide outstanding healthcare and diagnostic services. We provide individualized care to every patient. The hospital runs a 24 hour service including Sundays and public holidays.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to be the best private healthcare provider in Nigeria. We aspire to address every aspect of our patients’ healthcare needs and to improve each patient’s quality of life by bringing together the right medical components with a view of providing access to highest quality healthcare services to our people and our community

The Edge Philosophy

The hospital is committed to excellence in the provision of healthcare tailored to the needs of the individual. At every stage of your treatment, we endeavor to empower our patients with the knowledge and information that will enable them to actively participate in their treatment and early recovery.

Overall, our commitments are as follows:

  •    To be the hospital and provider of choice in innovative and complex care.
  •    Excellence in clinical care by delivering current medical care of the highest standard.
  •    Evidence based practice and delivery of culturally competent care in a healing, comfortable and homely environment.
  •    Professional environment that attracts and retains highly qualified staff.  
  •    Creation of a supportive team environment for patients, employees and clinical staff.
  •    An organization that values the diversity of its staff and patients

Healthcare Tourism

Medical Records

Edge Medical Center is a technologically advanced private hospital in Owerri.  We use the latest in technology to deliver excellent healthcare. We utilize Cloud based technologies for lab results, imaging and electronic health records which connects physicians and patients from any location.  This will improve access to patient clinical information for both patient and physician.

-- Dr George C Ego-Osuala MD,FACP

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Plot P14 Isiukwuato Street

Owerri, Imo State

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