Nursing Department

Our highly trained nurses manage illness with skill and compassion. They always treat our patients and their families with compassion, dignity and respect. They educate, support and encourage patients and their families to be involved in all aspects of their care throughout the continuum. Our Nurses recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment of excellence and leadership

Patient Education

An important differentiation for Edge Medical Center will be the patient-education team, which will provide patients with information and coordination for health plan coverage, clinical options, and access to current literature. Housed within the hospital, this team will provide a single point of contact for phone, email, and personal visits with trained healthcare advisors who have access to physician schedules and can help patients navigate the complexities of certain programs.  EMC has recruited a senior manager who has years of experience in this field to lead the Patient Education team. Patient Educators will document all of their contacts with patients and manage follow up in order to provide continuity and timely follow up. Further patient education can be obtained from the following links:

Medical Records

Edge Medical Center is a technologically advanced private hospital in Owerri.  We use the latest in technology to deliver excellent healthcare. We utilize Cloud based technologies for lab results, imaging and electronic health records which connects physicians and patients from any location.  This will improve access to patient clinical information for both patient and physician.

-- Dr George C Ego-Osuala MD,FACP

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